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Tuesday 9th March

Here are the lessons and activities we are completing in school today. Remember to upload your work onto Class Dojo so we can see how hard you have been working. 
Today in Maths we are revising our knowledge of time. Use the power points and word mat below to help you with today's activities and to remind you of the key vocabulary when telling the time. 

Today's activity is to create a poster showing all your knowledge of telling the time. You might want to include the following things: 

  • Label the different hands on a clock and explain how to tell the time
  • Draw analogue and digital clocks showing o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to
  • Show how many seconds are in a minute, minutes in an hour, hours in a day
  • Write the months of the year and show which season they are in
  • Show how to find the difference between two different times
  • Write a list of vocabulary related to time. 

You may have some of your own ideas too. 

This week throughout all of our English lessons, we are going to focus on a series of dictation sentences. This involves the teacher reading out a number of sentences, slowly and clearly in order for you all to write the sentence out as best as you can. This is a fantastic way to ensure our listening skills are put into practise along with using the grammatical skills we have learnt in previous lessons. Through dictation, there will be a focus on spellings, punctuation and grammar.
As this week is Science Week, we are taking part in a very special project where we will use lots of our Skills Builder skills. This week, Year 4 have been tasked with a challenge to design a healthy meal idea for children to eat at lunchtimes. Today we will learn about what makes a healthy diet and use this knowledge to design our own lunchtime meal. Have a look at the power point to discover about the different food groups we need to eat and to see your tasks to complete today.  
Use the food group poster and blank plate below to help design your lunch time meal choice. Or you might want to draw and label it on a piece of paper instead. Remember to include a list of ingredients and which food group each ingredient is from. 
Throughout the day, we will have lots of brain and motor breaks while we get used to being back in school again. You might want to have a go at some of the relaxing activities below in between completing your work today.