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Thursday 11th March

Here are the lessons and activities we are completing in school today. Remember to upload your work onto Class Dojo so we can see how hard you have been working. 
In today's Maths lesson, we are going to revisit our knowledge of angles. Use the power point below and the word mat to remind yourself of the names and properties of each type of angle. You might want to print and cut out the right angle template to help you with identifying angles. 
Today's activity is to create a poster to show your knowledge of angles. You might want to draw examples of each different angle and write it's name and properties next to it. Or you could create a table with a list of different objects and the types of angles each object is made up of. 

Throughout the week we have been focusing on a  series of dictation sentences. We are going to continue with dictation sentences by selecting more challenging sentences.  This is a fantastic way to ensure our listening skills are put into practise along with using the grammatical skills we have learnt in previous lessons.


Next, we will go back over the sentences and edit what we have focusing on spellings, punctuation and grammar. Is there another way we can make the sentences even more interesting?