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The Very Hungry Caterpillar



Remember to keep practising your name writing and share stories daily! 



Miss Povey and the Nursery Team

There are also additional Math's activities set on 'Mathseed' for you to access.

These are the key skills that we are always looking out for:

Wake and Shake

Let's start the morning with a 'wiggle' and a 'jiggle' to wake our minds up, ready to do some lovely learning!

I spy... what can you see? What letter sound does each object begin with?

Caterpillar Update and activity! 


Just a little update on how our caterpillars are doing.

Can you watch the video below and answer the questions, you might also wish to draw or represent the lifecycle of the butterfly and upload this to ClassDojo for an 'Aiming High' Dojo point! I know that some of you had also began to try and write labels using initial sounds and your phonics skills on your work - keep it up!

Our caterpillar's journey so far...

Here are a few Math's games for you to play (remember there is also 'Mathseed' if you wish to complete more):



The Very Hungry Caterpillar Song

We are really enjoying this song linked to our learning, we can even recite some of the words now and sing a long. We recognise the parts from the story.