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The Queen (W.B 05.10.20)


Where was the story of Paddington set?



Where is London?

London is the capital city of England - one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. 


Kings and Queens

England has been ruled by Kings and Queens for hundreds of years! Looking at the pictures and paintings below, are there any clues that tell us that these people are Kings and Queens?


Queen Elizabeth II is our present Queen - the Queen of England today. She became the Queen at 25 years olds and has reigned for over 50 years! Using the pictures and paintings, I can see that the Queen has a crown. A crown is a symbol of royalty.


To become a King or Queen, you have a coronation ceremony. Follow the link to watch Queen Elizabeth II's ceremony -



The King or Queen wear a crown and a ring, they sit on a throne and hold a sceptre and orb when they are coronated. You might need to 'research' these objects so that you can identify them. Ask a grown up to support you!


Can you label the photo below to identify those objects? Use an arrow and write their label. You could also describe each object - for example, "The orb is big, shiny and full of jewels".





Writing a Fact File

A fact file is a piece of writing that tells you about a person or an object in more detail. It only contains 'facts' - something that is known and proven true!


To write a fact file, it is useful to have LOTS of information. Look at the documents below to understand more about Queen Elizabeth II. How many pieces of information can you remember?

Can you have a go at writing your own fact file? Remember, you need a title ('The Queen'), some facts and a photo or drawing of the Queen.