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The Dot

'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds

‘The Dot’ is a story of a young girl, Vashti, and a caring art teacher. The teacher sees that Vashti has little confidence in making her mark on paper, the teacher notices this and a simple tactic means Vashti’s confidence grows and creativity flows. Soon she is making her mark on the rest of the school, helping other children become artists too.


Reading - Revisiting the Text 

  • Vashti says that she can’t draw. Has there ever been a time when you thought that you couldn’t do something? How did you overcome it?
  • How can you help others when they don’t believe that they can do something?
  • How is Vashti feeling in each picture? How can you tell?
  • What happens to Vashti when she starts to believe that she can draw? 


Make your Mark and Sign it


In the story, the teacher tells Vashti to "just make a mark and see where it takes you". Can you create your own artwork? You might want to use a 'dot' or a different type of mark. You could use paper, pencils, paint or even art software like 'Paint' on a computer.


Be creative and see where your marks take you!



Colour Mixing


In the story, Vashti experiments with different colours. Can you try to mix colours to make new ones?


Make a chart to show your results - for example, "red + blue = purple".




Dot Painting

Can you create some 'dot art'?