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Windy Arbor ARC is one of Solihull's specialist provisions for autism. We opened in September 2018 and have space for 14 children who can access mainstream schooling with our support. Pupils who meet the required criteria are put forward to the termly panel by their school SENCO. See our policy below for more details.



We recognise that every child is an individual; therefore our approach is personalised and bespoke. We aim to support children in the ARC to develop strategies that enable them to access mainstream schooling.  For every child, the goal is to gradually integrate into their mainstream class for 100% of the time. 



Places in the ARC are allocated at a termly panel. Applications are made by the child's current SENCO including copies of the child's EHCP, evidence of a high level of involvement of the SISS ASD team, evidence of ASD diagnosis, attendance and assessment data. At the Panel, a decision is taken as to whether the ARC is the appropriate setting for each individual applicant and whether there is a space at the requested ARP. The results of the panel are communicated to parents by the START team.  Following successful application, the Lead teacher of the ARC will contact parents/carers to start the transition process.


The next ARP panel date is 9th October. Paperwork must be submitted to the START team by 13th September for this panel.


Interventions/teaching approaches

In the ARC we offer a range of bespoke teaching strategies to support the children in their target areas of development. These include:

  • SCERTS - social communication, emotional regulation and transactional support
  • Wellbeing interventions to reduce anxiety
  • BEAM - exercises to support core strength and motor planning
  • TEACCH - an approach to allow children to manage independent tasks
  • Art Therapy - a qualified Art Therapist is available to work with ARC children
  • Therapeutic play - activities and games to promote turn taking and improve self esteem
  • Regulation and Mentoring - teaching children to recognise their emotions and then regulate themselves
  • Motor Breaks - children are given time out in the Snug Room or Sensory Room
  • Soft start - every transition into learning is supported with a soft start so that children are ready to learn


The Team

Mrs Allen - lead teacher and KS1 teacher (Monday - Wednesday)

Mr Britten - KS2 teacher

Miss Brown - KS1 part time teacher (Thursday - Friday)

Ms Warrilow - KS2 TA

Miss Hughes - KS2 TA

Miss Reeves - KS1 TA

Miss Ali - KS1 TA

Mrs Dempster - KS1 cover teacher

Ms Edwards - SENCO and KS2 cover teacher