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Spring - Australia

In our second term of Year 2, we look at Australia, please have a read to see all the learning that takes place this term. Underneath is the Knowledge Organiser that the children can refer to throughout their learning journey. 

Our Curriculum 

Children look at changes in national life, e.g. bush fires linking to human kindness. Can link this in with events they have been through, eg. Covid. Children look at how this has impacted on life now in the present. Children will also look at the history of the Commonwealth and debate whether they think it should exist or not. For Geography this unit builds on the Year 1 topic Amazing Africa in which pupils will make comparisons between different locations with greater detail (specific environment). The digital and non-digital map skills will be revisited, including the use of aerial photographs. This will enable children to then devise their own maps. Pupils will revisit, define and apply previously learnt vocabulary in different contexts. Building on prior knowledge of mechanisms and developing understanding of moving parts in Year 1 when they made a moon buggy, children will design, make and evaluate an Australian scene with an animal on moving levers. Children will be continuing to develop their observational drawings skills learnt in previous years, by observing the finer details in shapes and objects. This will progress into Year 3, where the children will include textures and shading to their drawings. Children will produce aboriginal art piece and complete an artist study on an aboriginal artist. In year 2, leading on from Moon Zoom in year 1, children create and debug simple programmes and programme a beebot to go from UK to Australia.  This leads into year 3 where they research information about the Battle of Hastings where children, using specific websites and search engines.

Map of Australia

Take a look at the texts we will be exploring this term: