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Shared Reading

Shared Reading

This week, we are unpicking the story of The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse.



LO: To predict what might happen in the story using the front cover, title, illustrations, and blurb. Why do you think this?  


Read / listen to the story.

What does Town and Country mean? What is the difference? Do you live in a Town or in the Countryside?


Think about what happened in the story. Ask Pippin a question about his trip to the town with his Cousin ‘Toby Town Mouse’ - question words - how, what, why, when, where and who? 


If you went to explore a new place, how would you feel, what would you want to see? 


Write a postcard or letter to Pippin to ask him about his adventure to a new town.


Fluency – identify clues in the text to show us how to read. E.g. … is an ellipsis (the cat leaped… and missed) full stop means rest, comma means a small rest (Quick, Pippin! Into this hole).



Unpick words from the text – can you find an alternative adjective? (Crunchy seeds, juicy red strawberries, leafy hedge, cold winters day, best nuts and berries, big red beast, busy street, stamping feet).


Choose a page spread from the text and find alternative adjectives.  


Re-read the book and imagine you were off to visit a new town. Then, write an account if you were to go to a new town based on what you would do, see, hear, smell, taste and where you would go and why?


This could be presented using a story board to show sequence of events in own adventure for LA.