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Settling in to Nursery - We are 'The Caterpillars'

These first few weeks in Nursery are all about getting to know each other, settling in and being introduced to our school rules and routines - we have been very busy! 


We have done lots of exploring in our Nursery classroom and in the outdoor area - 

If your child comes home slightly messy, I do apologise, but learning in Nursery is very messy, busy work! We are always learning through play and new experiences. 

I will always do my very best to encourage rolling up sleeves and aprons, however, learning and exploring is our priority - and the mess is a sure sign that your children are enjoying themselves and their introduction to learning and school life! 

One of our rules that we have been learning is to stop what we are doing and show 5 when we hear the grown-up ring the bell. This means that our hands are empty and we are listening to the instruction...we are getting very good at this!

We have began practising how to make a line when we go outside or for some of us, to lunch.

When we come in to Nursery each morning we do a 'Wake and Shake' to wake our bodies up ready for lots of learning and play.

Shake Your Sillies Out ♫

Wake Up!

We have been singing lots of nursery rhymes and sharing stories about starting school...

We have started learning some number songs, if you show your child this one at home you will see that they are already beginning to really enjoy using the language of number through this song! This is our favourite so far...

Singing Hands: Five Little Firemen - Nursery Rhyme - Makaton Sign Language

Your child's book bag will be coming home soon! Inside will be a book for you to share with your child, this is for Reading for Pleasure. I do ask that you try to spend atleast 15 minutes each day sharing these stories and enjoying the bonding time with your child. Reading is so important in their education, and this is just the start! Snuggle up and enjoy these precious moments.