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Reflect on all the things you have learnt about Sound so far.

Write a definition for each of the words below. Use a dictionary or online word finder to help if you need to.

  • Vibration
  • Volume
  • Pitch
  • Loud
  • Quiet
  • Sound wave 


How can you explain all about sound to a child in Year 3? Create a fact file or poster to share your knowledge and answers to the questions below: 

  • How do sound waves work?
  •  How does sound travel from a sound source to the brain?
  •  What is each part of the ear is called and what does it do?
  •  Which is the best materials to muffle sound and why?
  •  How does distance affect the volume of a sound?
  •  What are tuning forks and how do they work?
  •  How many other sound facts can you recall?