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The Three Little Pigs



  • Can you retell the story of the Three Little Pigs using the illustrations?
  • How many pigs were in the story?
  • What materials did the three pigs use to build a house?
  • What did the first pig build his house with?
  • Why did the wolf want to blow the houses down?
  • How did the pigs feel when the wolf couldn't blow the brick house down?


Can your child sequence the key events? What happened at the beginning and what happened at the end?


Watch: Debbie and Friends - The Three Little Pigs



Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins


Watch: Rosie's Walk


  • Where does Rosie go for a walk?
  • Who follows Rosie on her walk?
  • Why do you think the fox is following Rosie?
  • How would the story change if Rosie turned around and saw the fox?
  • What other animals live in the farmyard?
  • What did the rake do to the fox?
  • What happened to the fox at the mill?

Can you talk about what is happening in the pictures?


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