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Sam Plants a Sunflower

'Sam Plants a Sunflower' by Kate Petty


Can you answer the following questions:

1. According to the worm, "Sunflowers are big and yellow, just like the ____"?

2. What three things do seeds need to grow?

3. What was inside "the big green bud" at the top of each plant?

4. What do the sunflower faces follow?

5. What is in the middle of each sunflower?

Draw, Paint or Create

Can you draw, paint or create your very own sunflower? Remember, the worm said that sunflowers are "big and yellow, just like the sun". Maybe you could use chalk to create a giant sunflower outside or use natural materials, like leaves and seeds' to make a sunflower collage. 


Here's some ideas to help you:



Which sunflower is the tallest? Which sunflower is the shortest?


Can you cut the sunflowers out and put them in order of height?



Now, let's measure them using objects at home...

How many blocks / cars / crayons tall is each sunflower? For example, the tallest sunflower is 10 blocks tall.

5 Spring Flowers


Paint your fingertips and see if you can add the correct number of leaves to match the number in the centre of the sunflower.



Scavenger Hunt

During your daily exercise, see how many items you can find from the 'nature walk scavenger hunt' list.

Count the total number of items you find. Can you write the number?

I wonder if anyone can write the initial letter for the items they find too?