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Peace at Last (W.B 01.09.20)

Peace at Last by Jill Murphy

With a snoring Mrs Bear, an excitable Baby Bear and a house full of tapping and dripping and ticking, peace is hard to come by - will Mr Bear ever get a decent night's sleep?



We have introduced the children to the 'Reading Dogs':


Can you answer the questions?

Remember to use 'Rex Retriever' to find the answers in the illustrations or text.

  1. Is it day or night at the bear's house? 
  2. What is sitting on the fence outside the house?
  3. Where is everybody going
  4. What is Mrs. Bear doing? 
  5. Who falls asleep first?
  6. Can you make a noise like someone snoring?
  7. Baby Bear is not asleep. What is he doing? 
  8. What kind of noise is Baby Bear making? What would that sound like?
  9. What is making noise in the living room?
  10. What is making noise in the kitchen?
  11. Can Mr. Bear sleep in the garden? Let's point to the animals that are making noise.
  12. What keeps Mr. Bear from sleeping in the car?
  13. What do Mrs. Bear and Baby Bear bring Mr. Bear in the morning?
  14. How do you think Mr. Bear will feel today? 


Let's think about the vocabulary in the text. Can you draw a picture to show your understanding of the words below or give the meaning of the word by telling somebody else?


late              yawn             cuckoo           refrigerator           sunrise           leaky             


Can you read the sentences below? Can you point to the adjective (the describing word)?

Mr Bear is the biggest bear.

Baby Bear has soft, brown fur.

Mrs Bear's snoring was loud.

The noisy red alarm clock woke Mr Bear.





Can you write a list of noises that kept Mr. Bear awake?







Can you write a short sentence to describe each illustration?

For example, "Mr Bear is tired".