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Paddington (W.B 14.09.20)

Paddington by Michael Bond

Paddington Bear first met the Brown family at a railway station - Paddington station, in fact. He had travelled all the way from Darkest Peru with only a jar of marmalade, a suitcase and a label reading 'Please look after this bear'. Without further ado, Mr and Mrs Brown promptly welcomed the adventurous bear into their family, and in hour of their meeting place they named him Paddington. The Browns soon discover that Paddington is a most unusual bear. Ordinary things - like having a bath - become quite extraordinary when a bear called Paddington is around. 

What is an adjective?

An adjective is a describing word. We use adjectives to describe a noun (the name of a thing or place). When we describe characters, we often describe their appearance or personality.


Think about Paddington...


Can you identify the adjectives into the sentences below?



Can you write three sentences to describe Paddington using an adjective?

For example, 'Paddington has a red hat'.




Writing a Postcard

Paddington arrived in London from Deepest Darkest Peru. 

His Aunt Lucy wants to know that he has arrived safely and has written a postcard.



Can you write Aunt Lucy a reply?

Remember, when you write a postcard, you need to say:

  • Who it is to?
  • What you have been doing?
  • What you are going to do next?
  • Who it is from?


Writing Instructions

Paddington loves marmalade sandwiches and I'd love to make some!

To write instructions, we need to use 'bossy' verbs. 'Bossy verbs' are verbs that give an order or command! They ask you to do something - an action or 'doing word'. 


Can you identify the verbs below:

Can you act out the verbs you have identified?


Let's find out how to make a marmalade sandwich. Watch the video closely so you can remember the steps:


Can you write a set of instructions?