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Last Year - 2021-22 Forest Fun Photographs

At Forest School each week, we have so much fun exploring the natural environment!


Our teachers have noticed the confidence and variety of skills that the outdoors builds; such as, teamwork and friendships, our speech and range of vocabulary and our physical skills - we love climbing on the trees and tyres and taking brand new risks!


We love it too, and we even have a go at putting our own 'wet weather gear' on - growing our independence and experiencing play in all kinds of different weather. This helps us to relate to the season we are in as well by noticing changes in the natural environment around us. 



Today in Forest School we looked high and low for mini beast.

We were learning about Spring and growth, we made cress to take care of and observe it’s growth over the week

We did observational drawing of Spring daffodils and we found different ways of moving up and down the platform.

This week at Forest School we have been using mirrors to look at and create our own faces using the natural resources, thinking about what we look like, what we could use to represent us, but also discussing how we are feeling.