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Katie in London (W.B 12.10.20)

Katie in London by James Mayhew

Katie's trip to London turns into a magical tour of all the best sights, thanks to a very special guide! Join Katie and her brother, Jack, on their fun-packed journey and see if you can spot the greatest places London has to offer. 

Watch the Video

Let's retrieve some information from the book:

  • Where did Katie visit in London?
  • What were the landmarks called?
  • What did she see in the Tower of London?
  • What was the name of the landmark with a big clock?
  • Where does the Queen live?
  • Which animal helped her to see the sights of London?


Story Sequencing

Can you sequence the illustrations from the story? What happened first, next, last?

Story Map

Can you make a story map to show the key events from the story? 

You could label your story map with a caption or the name of the landmark Katie visits.


Make a Poster

Quick recap:

  • Where is the story of 'Katie in London' set?
  • London is the capital city of which country?
  • If you visit London, what can you see? Can you name 5 places of interest / landmarks?


We want people to visit our capital city London because there are so many amazing things to see!

If you could visit London, what would you like to see?


I'd like you to create a poster. A poster is a mix of writing and pictures / photos / drawings that is displayed as a notice, advertisement or for decoration. Have you seen any posters recently?


On your poster, you need to include:

  • Visit London!
  • The places you want people to visit - for example, Big Ben, Tower of London, London Eye. 
  • A drawing of the place
  • A reason why people should visit - for example, "You can see the Crown Jewels".