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Latest work - June & July 2020

On this page we will be setting a range of different activities from the Creative Curriculum lessons including Science! 


Using all the information you have learnt so far, can you design your own rainforest animal? You need to think about what it needs to survive in the rainforest. Look back at the previous activities you have completed to help you.  

Can you sort these animals into day and night animals?

Imagine you are an explorer off on an adventure to the rainforest. What are you going to back in your bag? Why are you packing these things? How are you feeling about completing an expedition to the rainforest? What are you expecting to see when you are there?  

The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry

In the Amazon Rainforest, a man is chopping down a great Kapok tree. Exhausted from his labor, he puts down his axe and rests. As he sleeps, the animals who ...

Link to our English  - The Great Kapok Tree 


We have received a note from the author, this is what it says... 


Can you help by designing a poster to let people know why we should save the Rainforest? What key messages will you use in your poster?  

How will you persuade people to do what they can to save the Rainforest?  


These words might help you... 







You can decide how to present this poster – you could complete it using PowerPoint or by hand! Just make it colourful, bright and persuasive! 

Computing - Identify technology in the home


Draw each room in your home. Draw and label the technology you have in each room. 

I have put an example underneath. 

Science - How does the cacao tree grow? 


Watch the video about how to the cacao tree grows. 

Can you create a poster or a leaflet to explain how the tree grows. 



Can you use the website link below to identify any trees outside? 

Draw the trees and label the features that you have found. 

Don't forget we would love to see them! 

Music The Sounds of the Rainforests-  

There are many wonderful and intriguing sounds that can be heard in the rainforest. You can listen and watch real footage from a rainforest by watching this BBC Our Planet clip .  


Which animal makes the most noise in the rainforest?.

Write down the sounds that you can hear. Which animal do you predict these came from? Can you create these sounds using objects from around the home? 


Where does chocolate come from? 

Can you find out about where chocolate comes from and how it makes it to our homes? 

Use the information here to start. 

How could you share your findings? Will you make a poster or use your computing skills? 

Think positively - Think about why you are an amazing person. Print the sheet if you can or draw your own. 

Do you know any other amazing people?