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Latest work - June & July 2020

Have a go at these fun weekly challenges. 

Week beginning 13th July 


Phonics Challenges:  


  1.  The word ‘celebration’ contains the ‘ tion ’ suffix. This sound can also be spelt ‘ sion ’ in other words. Can you write sentences using these words: attention, explosion and television .    

  2. Write the months of the year on pieces of paper, jumble them up and then put them in the correct order. Look carefully at the spellings, what do you notice?   

  3. Practise writing the letters of the alphabet in lower case and then capital letters. You can practice the maths and punctuation symbols too.   

  4. Practise some of the High Frequency Words by playing this game.

Reading Challenge 


Read the story: When I coloured the world...  


 What would you change about the world? Draw a picture of your ideal world.   

Week beginning 6th July 


Phonics Challenges 


  1. The word ‘ around ’ contains the sound ‘ ou ’. List as many words as your can containing the ‘ ou’ sound . 

  2. 'Where ’, ‘ would ’, ‘ people ’, ‘ clothes ’ and ‘ water ’ are some of the words that children in KS1 need to be able to spell. Can you use these words to write sentences about another country? 

  3. Can you list places from around the world using the alphabet? Can you add an adjective before each place that starts with the same letter?  

  4. Recognise vowel and consonant digraphs and blending by playing this game or add suffixes playing this game . 

Reading Challenge of the Week 


Follow the story Here We Are . What makes our world so special? Using the story, make a list. 

Week beginning 29th June

Choose a book, how many words can you find with a suffix in? Write them down?  

Week beginning 22nd June 


Suffix Challenge 


A suffix is added to the end of a root word. Sometimes more than one suffix can be added to a root word. For example: we could add 'ment' or 'ed' or 'ing' onto the end of disappoint, to make disappointment or disappointed or disappointing.  


How many suffixes can you think of?  


Write out these words and underline or colour in the suffixes.  

Useful,   thoughtless,    happiness,   badly,   biggest,   nicer,   helpful,  enjoyment,  scissors,  dogs,  wishes 


Choose a book, how many words can you find with a suffix in? Write them down. 


Finally, can you use any of these words in sentences? You could even write a story! 

Week beginning 15th June 

Rainforest Comprehension

Week Beginning 8th June

The tree frog, spider monkey and boa constrictor are just some of the animals that can be found living in a rainforest. Can you think of any verbs (action words) to describe how each animal moves. How many can you think of? 

Week Beginning 1st June 


Phonics Challenge

Can you think of an animal or a plant that begins with each letter of the alphabet? 

How many of these can be found in a rainforest? 



Reading Challenge

Some of our everyday food comes from the rainforest. Can you look in the kitchen cupboards and identify foods with the ‘Rainforest Alliance’ logo? 

Now, can you find a recipe involving chocolate? 

Use your decoding skills to read some of the ingredients. 

Can you think of your own yummy recipe involving chocolate? 


Don't forget to share these with us!