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Friday 26th February

Here are today's lessons and activities.

You can use the timetable on the previous pages as a guide for how long to spend on each activity, although some may be shorter or longer depending on the content.

Remember to upload at least two pieces of work to your class dojo portfolio.

In our final lesson on shape this term, we are going to look back on all the knowledge we have learnt so far about 2D shapes, angles and symmetry. Watch today's video and then have  a go at today's activity and challenges to reflect on all you have learnt about so far. Remember you can go back to the previous videos are resources if there are areas of this topic that you are finding difficult. 

Maths- 26.2.21- shape, angle, symmetry problems-activity.mp4

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Shared Reading

Shared Reading Video 26.2.21

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Today we are going to put all of our knowledge of instructions into practice by writing our own set of instructions for someone else to follow. Listen to the video carefully in order to complete this activity. When writing instructions we must ensure that we include all the key features of instructions that we have been learning about this week.

English- Friday 26th Feb.mp4

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In today's Curriculum lesson we are going to learn about Hadrian's Wall, a former defensive fortification of the Roman province of Britannia.  Read through the PowerPoint of information carefully first. We are then going to locate exactly where Hadrian's Wall is by looking closely at different maps. Then onto researching why and how Hadrian's Wall was built. Following this, we are going to complete a fact file of information detailing as many facts as possible.

Choose a story from our Windy Arbor Youtube channel. Then find somewhere comfortable, sit back and relax!