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Friday 12th March

Here are the lessons and activities we are completing in school today. Remember to upload your work onto Class Dojo so we can see how hard you have been working. 
In today's Maths lesson we are going to revisit our knowledge of triangles. Use the power point and triangle word mat to recap the names and properties of each type of triangle we have learnt about.  
Today's activity is to create a set of top trumps cards using the different triangles. You can use the template below or create your own. Make sure you include a picture and the name of each triangle. Write the relevant properties on each card underneath the picture.  


We are going to continue with dictation sentences in today's English lesson. By now we have had lots of practise writing sentences out as we hear them. We are going to select a different sentence from the resources provided ensuring that we listen carefully in order to write down each word. Please make sure you remember to punctuate the sentences too.

After, we will go through each one and see if we have the features correct.


As this week is Science Week, we are taking part in a very special project where we will use lots of our Skills Builder skills. This week, Year 4 have been tasked with a challenge to design a healthy meal idea for children to eat at lunchtimes. Today we will think about how to package and advertise our product. Think about how you can advertise your product and what the packaging will look like so your buyers are attracted to your product.  Have a look at the power point to discover about different ways of advertising at to find out your tasks.   
Using a piece of plain paper, draw and label the packaging for your lunch time meal. Think about what colours you will use, what materials it will be made from and what your logo will look like. Then, create a poster or advert to encourage people to buy your product. Think of a catchy slogan to include on your advert. How are you going to catch the attention of your potential buyers? 
Throughout the day, we will have lots of brain and motor breaks while we get used to being back in school again. You might want to have a go at some of the relaxing activities below in between completing your work today.