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Dear Teacher

'Dear Teacher' by Amy Husband

Our final book for this year is 'Dear Teacher'. The book is all about Michael, a little boy who receives a letter from the headteacher about his return to school. In this story Michael writes letters to his new teacher to get him out of his first day of school. His imagination runs wild and you may laugh at some of his letters. 



Letters from your New Teachers

For children transitioning into Reception, the teachers will be

Mrs Sherrington (Purple Butterflies) and Miss Fentham (Yellow Butterflies). 



For children remaining in Nursery, Miss Povey will be your child's teacher. 



Can you write a reply?

Can you write a letter to your new teacher? You might want to draw the adventures you'd like to go on in Reception or Nursery. You might also want to tell your new teacher about your family, friends or favourite things to do.


Your child can either bring their letter with them in September or email their letter to the school email address ( I know the Early Years teachers are already excited to read the replies!