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Shared Reading

Shared Reading

This week, we are unpicking the story of Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy by Lynley Dodd.




LO: To predict what might happen in the story from what I can see.

Look at the front cover and predict what will happen in the story.

I see, I think, I wonder.

Read the blurb – what do we get from this? Has it changed our minds?



LO: To make inferences about characters.

Recap front cover and discuss. Think aloud and share your responses and predictions about what might happen in the story. 


Listen to the story:


What can you tell me about the characters? What kind of life do you think the dog has?

Tell someone all about your dog at home or your favourite dog from the story.



LO: To predict what might happen next.

Re-read and stop on, “When suddenly, out of the shadows they saw…”.

Listen to the story:


What do you think the dogs will find in the shadows? How do you think they might be feeling?

What might happen next?



Re-read the book. Listen to the story:

LO: To justify your explanations.


How do you think the dogs felt when they saw Scarface Claw? Why did they run back home? Why do you think Hairy Maclary went straight to bed? Do you think Scarface Claw wanted to scare the dogs? Why/why not? Explain your answer.



LO: To identify rhyming vocabulary within a text.

Re-read the book.

Identify rhyming words within the book. Can you sort them into pairs?