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Creative Curriculum

My World

This half term in Creative Curriculum, we will be exploring the children's knowledge of themselves, their understanding of their geographical location (immediate and wider environment) and exploring the history and changes experienced by themselves, their families and their community.




We will be exploring a map of the United Kingdom, naming and locating the four countries, capital cities and surrounding seas.

We will be identifying our four seasons and the characteristics of each season, by creating our own weather instruments to measure and observe the weather.

We will be using aerial photographs of Chelmsley Wood to identify landmarks and basic human and physical features.

We will be creating our own maps with a basic symbol key and compass directions to show their journey to school.



We will be exploring the differences between things that have happened in the past and present, such as, toys, themselves, school, technology, electricity and global events.

We will be exploring significant historical events, places and people, such as, houses, shops, roads and transport.




We will be focusing on the artist 'Arcimboldo - Unusual Portraits'. We will explore his work and look at how unusual objects can be used to create familiar images.



Design and Technology


We will be designing and constructing a frame that is 'stable' by using various materials.




We will be exploring different types of buildings and creating a 3D map of the local area by adding 3D structures like lamp posts, crossings, roads and post boxes.





We will be creating and responding to vocal sounds, exploring how to change sounds, creating and placing vocal body percussion sounds and exploring descriptive sounds.