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Creative Curriculum



For our topic, 'My World', we will:

  • Learn about planet Earth, the United Kingdom and our local area;
  • Look at changes over time;
  • Investigate how the weather changes in different seasons;
  • Explore work by the artist Giuseppe Archimboldo;
  • Develop new skills and vocabulary linked to Science, History, Geography, D&T, Art, Music and much more!


We are learning about the weather and seasonal changes. 

You can use the link below to watch lessons and complete activities linked to our learning:



We are learning all about the United Kingdom.



We are learning about the 'past' and 'present'.

  • When were things invented? Cars, planes, telephones...
  • Can you ask a grown up about the toys they played with when they were younger? Are they the same as yours?
  • Can you ask a grown up what school was like for them? Is that the same as school today?
  • Can you look at photos from when you were a baby? How have you changed? What has happened in your lifetime?
  • Can you remember any events that have happened in 'the past'? For example, Bonfire Night, World Book Day, the 50th anniversary for Windy Arbor etc.



We are learning about Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian artist that uses fruits and vegetables to create beautiful portraits.

Here are some of the portraits we looked at:



We practised our sketching by drawing fruits and vegetables with pencils.

We used pictures of fruits and vegetables to create our own portraits of ourselves, our friends, or someone in our family.

I wonder if you could create another portrait using fruits and vegetables, just like Arcimboldo. You could create a portrait of somebody that is important to you.



We are learning about the structures in our town and how to create stable and safe structures such as playground equipment and buildings.

We have designed our own playground equipment, and created it using classroom resources; paper, card, art straws and lollipop sticks.

We are also exploring, designing and creating our own buildings, such as houses, schools, shops and hospitals.

I wonder if you could create a structure at home using some of the techniques we have learned in the classroom. You could create a piece of transport maybe to travel around our town? Ask an adult to help you.

We would love to see any pictures of your creations. You could post them onto our Class Dojo.