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Creative Curriculum

On this page we will be setting a range of different activities from the Creative Curriculum lessons including Science! 


We have been busy using Scratch to animate the letters in our name during the Spring term. Maybe have a try at home to see if you can animate your name in a different way. Click on the link to animate your name.

Science & Art

Choose an animal from the information sheets and create your very own animal fact file. 

Use the pictures of the animals to draw your very own. Remember to observe all the different use of lines and colour when drawing your own picture. 



Can you find pictures of animals that live in the rainforests? How about some key facts? 

· Using Microsoft word, insert pictures from the internet onto a document and write some key facts.

Follow this path: Microsoft Word- Insert- Online pictures- Rainforest animals- select picture- insert


You can also use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a presentation.

Follow this path: Microsoft PowerPoint- Insert- Online pictures- Rainforest animals- select picture- insert


Have a go with using Online Logo to create a rainforest picture/ animal? Follow the link to take you to the website.



Make notes of any interesting facts you find out during the video.

How could you share these facts? Could you make a poster using writing and pictures?  Or could you use your computing skills? 

What do you notice about the leaves on some of these trees and plants? Can you see any leaves when you go outside for fresh air – are they similar or are they different?  

Why do you think there are lots of green animals in the rainforest? Why would it be helpful to be a green animal living in the rainforest?  



Can you recall the oceans and continents of the world?  

Science & Geography 

You might need to watch this video more than once or pause it, as it goes quite fast! 

Then complete the activities underneath. 

Explore the Rainforest! | Ecology for Kids

It's raining where Jessi and Squeaks live, so they decided to bust out some books and read up on a special kind of forest where it rains almost every day! --...

After the video 

What are the different types of rainforests? Why are they different?  

Did you spot any of the continents on the map? Which continents had rainforests?  

What are the layers of the rainforest called?  

Task: Create a picture of the rainforest showing the different layers and label what is happening in each.

Week beginning 20th April 

Science recall activity

What is a habitat? How many can you think of? Can you think of any animals that live there? Why do they live in that habitat?

What is a micro-habitat? How many can you think of? Can you think of any animals that live there? Why do they live in that micro-habitat?

Can you draw and label any animals in their habitat?

Science/ Computing/ Geography Challenge

Watch this BBC bitesize clip all about the rainforest habitat. Try and remember 3 facts about the rainforest. Can you create a fact file about the rainforest? You could use some of your previous learning with Mrs Miah and create a PowerPoint all about the Rainforest! Alternatively, you could create a poster about the rainforest including the 3 facts you have learnt.   

Rainforest Quiz 

What can you remember about the Rainforest habitat? You will find this on the BBC link too.   


Art Challenge 

Collect leaves, twigs, grasses and other things from around your garden, or on your daily walk. Can you create a Rainforest Scene using the items you collected? (My boys, Henry and Lucas had a go – see below!) Hopefully the pictures will inspire you. When you have finished, take a photo, you could add it to your PowerPoint or your poster?