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Children's University

At Windy Arbor, we are proud to be affiliated with The Children’s University


The Children’s University promotes social mobility by ensuring access to and accreditation of high quality extra-curricular activities. At the heart of its work is the ambition to raise aspirations, boost achievement and foster a love of learning so that all children can make the most of their abilities and interest. 

How does Children's University work?

Over the course of the academic year, children collect 'hours' for the extra-curricular activities or learning experiences outside of school that they participate in. The more hours the children earn through participation, the higher the award they receive.


All children then have the chance to graduate and achieve one of three ‘Children’s University Awards’:

Bronze Award = 30 hours of Learning

Silver Award = 65 hours of Learning

Gold Award = 100 hours of Learning


In 2018/19, 5 pupils achieved their Gold Award, 21 pupils achieved their Silver Award and 106 pupils achieved their Bronze Award. 


To find out more about Children's University, you can visit the CU webpage: