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Going Green


This week, we will be exploring environmental issues in our world and completing the Skills Builder project 'Going Green'.


Monday 30.11.20


On Monday, we will be identifying our focus skills for the week; Listening, Speaking and Problem Solving.



We will work through the skills, completing activities to develop our listening, speaking and problem solving. We will be working in teams all week to explore environmental issues and show our understanding through different creations.




Tuesday 01.12.20


On Tuesday, we will be recapping some of the environmental issues that we explored on Monday.

We will then be thinking of and creating our own eco-mascots who represent an environmental solution within our teams.




Friday 04.12.20


On Friday, we will be continuing with our Skills Builder project, by creating our own eco-badges.

We will listen to a story, identifying all of the environmental issues that we can see and hear.



Before we create our badges, we need to come up with some eco-friendly messages to provide solutions to the issues we have explored. We will look at some existing badges and decide what we like about them, and what makes them effective. This will give us some ideas for our own.



We will then work in pairs to create our own badges that we could wear around school to spread awareness and positive environmental messages to our fellow pupils, complete with icons and eco-friendly messages.