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This week, we will be looking at the Music portion of our 'Moon Zoom' topic.

We will be exploring the work of Gustav Holst, specifically his works entitled 'The Planets'.

We will compare two of the pieces by looking at the instruments used, how the pitch, tempo and dynamics change and how we think they represent the focus planets.


Please find the teaching sequence for the week below:

Find the worksheets for Creative Curriculum this week here:

Monday 22nd February


Today, we will be looking at two of Holst's pieces within his 'The Planets' collection.

We will be discussing instruments that we already know, and compiling a list together.

Then we will listen to 'Mars' and 'Mercury', thinking about how the pitch, tempo and dynamics change throughout both pieces. We will also discuss how we think the compositions represent the two planets.

Tuesday 23rd February


Today, we will be looking at the role of a conductor and how they use a baton and their hand gestures to control an orchestra. We will have a go at controlling our own voices and instruments as a result of a conductor's directions and discuss how we have controlled our pitch, tempo and dynamics.

Then, we will warm up our voices by learning our 'Moon Zoom' song together and performing it, focussing on how we use our voices to control our pitch and tempo.

Friday 26th February


For our final session this week, we will be performing our 'Moon Zoom' song again, this time incorporating instruments to play along in time with the song.

Then, we will be listening to and appraising some well known songs that fit into our 'Moon Zoom' topic, thinking about what we like and don't like about them.

The links to the songs are below:

Elton John - 'Rocketman' -

Coldplay - 'A Sky Full of Stars' -