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To start off our Amazing Africa topic, we will be looking at Geography.

This week, we are going to be exploring the different continents of the world, as well as the human and physical features of Africa as a continent and comparing them to those found across the UK. We will then be exploring the differences between the UK and Africa in terms of the currencies used and how we know if a country is rich/poor.


Please find the teaching sequence for this week below:

Monday 19th April


Today, we will be exploring the differences between a city, country and continent. We are then going to look at the 7 continents that make up our world, before completing a map by colouring and labelling each continent.

Tuesday 20th April


Today, we will be recalling our learning from Monday to see how many continents of the world we can name.

We are going to be exploring human and physical features today. We have looked at these before in our UK study in both the Autumn and Spring terms. We will now be applying this knowledge to this term where we are going to draw comparisons between the features found in the UK and across the continent of Africa.

Friday 23rd April


Today is a discussion based lesson where we will be exploring the use of currency across both the UK and the continent of Africa. We are going to be carrying out a sorting activity where we will arrange pictures into the categories of the UK and Africa. From this, we will discuss how we know where each picture goes and how we can tell if a country is rich or poor by looking at photographs.

We will then go on a hunt around the classroom for some extra fun facts about the continent of Africa that we could perhaps take home with us and share with family.