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'Field Trip to the Moon' by John Hare and Jeanne Willis

It’s not every day you find yourself on a field trip to the moon, let alone stranded in outer space! But for one student that’s exactly what happens when her curiosity separates her from the rest of her class. Why wouldn't you take the opportunity to get your crayons out, look back and draw planet Earth?

Alone on the moon, she sits down to draw. But could there be an even bigger surprise when she realizes she’s not alone? What would someone that lived on the moon even look like? Be prepared to find out what happens when you reach out to those that are different from us and greet them with an open pack of crayons!


Focus Skill: Prediction

  • Share the Front Cover and introduce the new text.
  • Introduce our focus skill – prediction. What does it mean to ‘predict’?
  • Look at the front cover of the book. What do we think the story is going to be about? What is a field trip? Why is there one tall astronaut and lots of little ones?
  • Look at the first page spread (focus for today). Whose perspective is the book written from? ‘We saw them land in rocky sand’ – who is watching the astronauts? Who else may be on the Moon? What do you think about the one astronaut at the back of the group – what is it carrying/holding? What do you predict will happen next?
  • Task: Draw / write a sentence to share your prediction.
  • Then read the book.
  • Discuss the ending – does this match your prediction? What does it teach us about others? What do you notice about the picture at the end?


LO: To identify rhyming pairs within the text.

  • Re-read the book and pause on the rhyming pairs.
  • What does it mean to rhyme? Where two words ‘sound the same’ – e.g. man, ham / bee, flea / cat, bat.
  • Practise rhyming by using the video:
  • Task: Look at the pages from the book – highlight the rhyming words and then see if you can continue the rhyming string. For example, land -> sand -> band -> hand...