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On Monday and Tuesday this week, we will be completing our Geography for this term's topic. We will be continuing to look at our planet in more detail.

On Monday, we will be exploring bird's eye views and creating our own to show what we can see of Planet Earth from the Moon.

On Tuesday, we will be looking at the journey we would need to take to get from Earth to the Moon, including the transport we would need to take, the direction we would go in and the course we would take.


Please find the teaching sequence below.



On Friday, we will be starting the history portion of our 'Moon Zoom' topic. Through history this term, we will explore some of the key events in the history of space, as well as researching some of the key people involved in scientific and historical breakthroughs.

We will begin with a discussion lesson to discover how we can find out more information on the history of space and what sources we can use. We will also be discussing how we can present the information that we find.


Please find the teaching sequence below.