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Creative Curriculum


As this week is World Book Week, we are continuing our study of 'What We'll Build' by Oliver Jeffers through our Creative Curriculum lessons.


We will be completing a range a creative activities built around our focus text for the week.


Please find the teaching sequence for the week below:

Find the worksheets for Creative Curriculum this week here:

Monday 1st March


Today, we will be creating a piece of artwork that shows our personalities, just like the characters within the text do whilst building a watch to 'keep their time'.

We will be showing our personalities through drawing our favourite things, things that are important to us, and by showing who we are as people.

Tuesday 2nd March


Today, we will be recreating a page of our focus text by thinking about the most important things in our lives.

Pages 31-32 in the text focus on the little girl filling a bookshelf with all of her favourite objects and things that are important to her and her Dad.


We will be recreating this by creating our own set of bookshelves containing all of our favourite things and important objects in our lives.

Friday 5th March


For our final lesson this week, we will be creating a book review for this week's focus text. But with a TWIST!

We are going to create an alternative book review that will tell others about the book and persuade them to read it for themselves..

We will explore a range of ideas but the finished result is completely up to you!

We want to see the most creative book reviews!