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Counting in 5s


This week, we are learning how to count up in multiples of 5.

Previously, we have counted in 1s and 2s during our Autumn term. So, it is time to extend our learning further.

There are lots of different ways that we can count up in 5s, so this week, we are going to be exploring some of these ways.


Please find the teaching sequence for the week below:

Find the worksheets for Maths this week here:

Monday 1st March


Today, we are going to be introducing how to count up in 5s.

We will be discussing how we can count in 5s using a number line, a hundred square and even our own handprints!

Tuesday 2nd March


Today, we will be continuing to look at how we can count in 5s.

But, today we are going to extend our learning even more by not just counting forwards, but counting backwards too.

We will be completing sequences of 5s in both the format of a hundred-square and number sequences written forwards and backwards.

Wednesday 3rd March


Today is your chance to get creative with your 5s.

We will be showing our 5s in practical ways today, from drawing/painting our handprints, to building our 5s with cubes and counters.


Thursday 4th March


Today, we will be revising our learning from the week by completing a sequence of 5s independently.

We will be counting as high as we can in 5s.

Remember our TOP TIP! Our 5s always end in 0 or 5.